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absolutely. I use collage as part of my FYE course--it's part of a multi-step assignment in which the students create business cards and collages to introduce themselves. I'll write more about it this summer.


I'd certainly be interested to hear more about that assignment, Joanna, when you get a chance. Maybe it's my Puritan streak that worries about the glittery appeal of some of this multimedia stuff (as in "what they really need is to get rid of those sentence fragments and comma splices")--or I'm trying to play devil's advocate with my own attraction to some of this flashy technology?? I guess what I'm asking is what purpose(s) do we hope these multi-modes serve: to stimulate creativity, to deepen critical thinking, what other possibilities?


Via Geeky Mom, who helped to organize the conference at which BG spoke (NITLE's Learning to Write in the Digital Age), here's a list of related sources.

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