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I haven't done any research, but I'm sure there are blogs associated with every discipline. I just convinced a biologist friend that he should start a blog.

One of the things I find interesting about blogs is how they allow for a hybrid of academic and non-academic interests. There are a handful of excellent blogs, for example, that address teaching and motherhood (including, of course, esperanza). I think blogs have allowed academics to bridge more effectively the personal and professional.

One thing I like about my own blog is that it allows to write about my academic interests in a less formal mode. I would argue that blogs encourage intellectual risk because it is a lower stakes form of writing. I also have the benefit with my personal blog of having a handful of colleagues at SLCC who regularly read and respond to my posts. Many of us in my dept. blog, and I think over the past two years it has created greater cohesion in our department.

As to other non academic uses of blogs, I have a good friend who used to write a Belgian Beer Blog. I seem to have come across a fair number of knitting blogs as well.

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