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I read it this morning and liked it. I've had similar experiences at TYCA-Midwest.

Speaking of TYCA, I sometimes wish it had its own big national conference--maybe just once every few years or something. (I know CCCC is supposed to be TYCA's national meeting, but it doesn't quite cut it for me.)


I completely agree Deb. I would love a national TYCA conference. I wonder if that would be possible.


Congratulations, Middlebrow, and Deb, I was thinking the same thing. We could hold a national TYCA meeting every two or three years.


Maybe for starters, some of the regional conferences could combine? Pacific Northwest, Pacific Coast and West, would pretty much take in everything west of the Rockies, from Canada to Mexico.


That's an idea, Brad. I'd also like to add in using more technology for people who can't go to the conference in person.


That's a great idea bradley. I'm assuming a larger TYCA conference would be in the spring. Not necessarily the same week at 4Cs. That way people could still attend their regional TYCA (are most in the fall?).

I wonder how difficult a larger multi-regional TYCA conference would be to pull off? Has anyone attempted it before?

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