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I tried the annotated bib as the major project in my winterterm class once, and it was tough. Despite having given them many examples of what an annotated bib looks like, I had quite a few who handed in an essay at the end and said "oops, I didn't know that you wanted it in a specific format." I'd be interested in strategies to teach them "how" to write one!


I think a wiki (or blog) works well as a place for students to collect up their annotated bib entries for a couple reasons. You can check in and make comments as they work to make sure they're understanding the type/length of summary and/or evaluation that you require (or have students comment on each others' work). Also, if they are using electronic sources, arrived at via search engine or database search, you can request them to post hyperlinks so that you (or, again, other students) can access the sources, particularly useful wrt assessing credibility.

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